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Divided . . .We Stand?

Yes!  Our church community is not formed and centered around our interpretations of Biblical texts, political views, race, age, life background, or socio-economic status, but around our common confession that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that our way of life involves the challenge and gift of deepening in love for God, each other and the world.  When people ask about our church, the pastor likes to say that we have “one of each” — a diversity that makes us richer and stronger.


We seek to meet the needs of those who come our way — sometimes through programs, always through the simple action of people who provide a space for each other to belong, to find genuine community, and a way to offer his or her uniqueness. We are not a large church.  This gives us the opportunity to discover how rich intergenerational life can be. In addition to our children’s fellowship, youth fellowship, and adult fellowships — we regularly make meaningful, appropriate space for all ages to participate in church life together.

Church of the Nations

Nineteenth Avenue Baptist Church has had the privilege and blessing of helping birth several different language ministries, some of whom have become independent churches.  Learn about those currently included with Nineteenth Avenue Baptist Church in the Church of the Nations fellowship.

Get Involved

Bring your gifts, your skills, your time and energy and jump into the NABC family!  Let your soul be encouraged and strengthened by weekly worship and Bible study on Sundays.  Build relationships with people at our fellowship gatherings during the week.  Be a part of ministry efforts as they occur in your areas of interest.  Contact any one of our church staff for more information.


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